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Annual General Meeting 2020

Date: Sunday, 6 December 2020

Venue: Quakers Hill Masjid

Time: 10.00 AM [Please arrive at 09:30 for a prompt start]

RSVP: https://forms.gle/du9aYjVcczh7Us259

Under the current circumstances of COVID-19 restriction it is very important that you do RSVP by using the link above.

Program Schedule with Timing [tentative]

•     10:00 - 10:10         Recitation from the Holy Quran

•     10:10 - 10:15         Welcome to members by the Secretary

•     10:10 - 10:15         Apologies for absences

•     10:15 - 10:25         Adoption of last AGM minutes

•     10:25 - 10:35         Presentation of Annual Report by the Chairman

•     10:35 - 10:45         Presentation of Secretary’s Report

•     10:45 - 11:00         Presentation /Adoption of Financial Report

•     11:00 - 12:00         Election of 5 Directors (CANDIDATE PROFILES)

•     12:00 - 12:30         Election Results

•     12:15 - 12:45         Questions and Answers          

•     12:45 - 01:00         Announcement of date of next AGM, Dua and Closing

•     01:00 - 01:30         Refreshment

•     01:30 - 01:45         Dhuhr Prayer



·         Please bring copy of the email sent to you [either soft or printed copy]

·         Please bring a photo ID [driving license or passport]

·         Please bring your SMART phone.  A limited number of iPads will be available if you don’t have a smart phone of your own.

·         Please go through last AGM minutes so that it can be adopted without reading.


Number of Members

As of 30th September 2020, we have 172 members. If anyone has any questions and concerns regarding membership, please contact the Secretary immediately.

Number of Candidates: 

As of now 10 candidates have been nominated who will be participating in the election process for 5 positions in the board of directors.

Voting info and process:                

·         To save time, avoid confusion and to be fair there will be a digital voting process via web form with your smartphone.  Paper ballots will be kept in very limited number as a backup in case of extreme difficulties.

·         You must collect a secret PIN number randomly at the entry to the Masjid after Verifying your membership and identity.

·         There will be 6 non-member election commissioners/volunteers who will verify and monitor the member identification and the voting process.

·         To submit your vote, you must go to the web link, enter your secret PIN and select exactly 5 candidates out of 10. You cannot vote more of less than 5, it must be 5.

·         The web form link can be reached via a QR code provided with your PIN or via our Masjid website.

·         The link will also be sent to your mobile via SMS on the morning of the AGM day, 6th Dec 2020.

·         You MUST NOT vote more than once.

·         If by mistake someone casts multiple votes, then please notify the Election Commissioner(s) immediately.

·         If the person does not notify then only the last vote in order of timestamp will be considered.

Election Results and disputes:

·         The results will be announced by election commissioner.

·         If there are any paper ballot votes, then it must added to electronic votes by election commissioner in presence of the voter.

·         The highest 5 numbers of votes will be elected. There will be a reelection process if there are equal votes for more than 5 candidates. This can only be done via electronic voting.

·         For any dispute candidates must contact the Election Commissioner and the Secretary.

Sample Electronic Vote:

For your convenience and understanding please use the link below for a sample voting form. The PIN for this sample voting for is 12345. Remember you must select 5 options, any less or more won’t allow you to submit your vote.


Annual General Meeting 2020


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