Quakers Hill Masjid
37 Douglas Road, Quakers Hills NSW 2763
16 Dhul-Qa'dah, 1436
  • Our Masjid

    Our Masjid

    Quakers Hill Masjid is located at the Blacktown local government area of Western Sydney. Established in 2009, this Masjid serves as a place where Muslims living in Quakers Hill and other neighbouring areas can come together for salat as well as use it as a center for information.

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Membership of Al-Barakah Welfare Trust Australia

Membership of Al-Barakah Welfare Trust Australia

Al-Barakah Welfare Trust Australia invites you to become member of the Trust. Quakers Hill Masjid is a project of Al-Barakah Welfare Trust Australia. The mission of the Trust is to please Allah, the creator of the Universe by promoting Islamic activities for the benefit of its adherents and the humanity in general in light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). One of its major roles is to promote and encourage knowledge and understanding of Islam and to build positive relationship with people of all faiths. Trust is managed by a board of Trustees and governed by the Deed of Trust. Trustees are elected from the members every alternate year. Read More

Dhul Qa

Dhul Qa'ida Moonwatch 1436 / 2015

Moon Sighting Report The crescent was NOT sighted anywhere in Australia on ...

Youth and Ladies Activities

Youth and Ladies Activities

Ladies Activities - We believe that Muslim Ladies need to be active in their ...

Islam - An Open Evening

Islam - An Open Evening

What is Islam? Who are Muslims? What do they really believe in? Members of our ...


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